5 Home Renovation Tips to Increase Visual Space for Your Small Home

For those of you who live in small homes, you will know that the space limitations can pose a challenge not only to live in but also in terms of interior renovation to make the home appear more spacious. Not to fret, we will highlight 5 simple things you can do to increase visual space and make your nest appear bigger than it actually is. Best of all, these home renovation tips will not burn a big hole in your pocket!

1. Keep It Small and Low

Balance is important when it comes to home renovation. This should already be obvious but big, chunky furniture pieces do not fit well in tight quarters. Therefore, the best bet is to avoid them whenever possible. The only exception is if the furniture is a multi-functional unit that serves one or more purposes such as having a TV feature wall that also serves as a showcase cabinet while offering added storage space. Instead, opt for pieces of furniture that are low to the ground as this keeps the sightline lower and makes your ceilings appear taller.

2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are your best friend when you want to make a room appear bigger. When designing small spaces, interior designers often utilize mirrors to increase visual space, so you can be assured that this is a proven method. First off, mirrors have a reflective nature, which means that they can effortlessly transform a compact space to look brighter and more spacious. Compact rooms can also be quite claustrophobic, so hanging a large mirror helps to open up the space. Also, mirrors are relatively inexpensive which helps you to keep your budget in check!

3. Let There Be Light

We cannot emphasize enough the role that light (be it natural or artificial) plays in adding visual space to your home. Light brightens up a room, which instantly tricks the eye to perceive the room as being spacious and open. For rooms that do not have enough sunshine spilling through the windows, you can compensate by adding artificial lighting, in the form of minimal pendants and modern chandeliers. Just simple touches like this will work wonders in creating a brighter vibe for the room.

4. Install Glass Panels and Partitions

Similar to mirrors, glass panels and doors are a great way to make your home appear bigger to the eye. Unlike solid doors, brick walls, and opaque partitions, they provide unobstructed views of different areas of the home. Moreover, being made of glass, they also reflect light effectively, resulting in a brighter and livelier interior setting. Having a widespread view of the home instantly gives the impression that your home is airier and roomier than it actually is in reality.

5. Keep Your Space Organised

What is worse than having limited space? Not being able to utilize it to the fullest because of clutter! Having too many possessions at home is common, especially when you have been living in the same house for many years. However, there are many innovative ways to keep your home organized and uncluttered. If you are unable to discard some of the belongings you have, then consider investing in storage cabinets, shelves, or even furniture that offer additional storage capacity as a way to ensure that you can reduce clutter and free up more space for other purposes.

Interior design is not rocket science, but it can be pretty challenging for the uninitiated to create the perfect interior ambiance for your home. As one of the interior design firms in Malaysia, we at Gotteshaus Interior are always ready to help assist you in creating the perfect home for you and your loved ones, so feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

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