The WEPS-interior Story

WEPS-interior was founded with the belief that every home should be a reflection of its owner’s beliefs, values, and lifestyle. Our attention to detail and emphasis on combining aesthetics and functionality results in liveable interior spaces for the occupants. We put in time and effort to understand your needs and wants, incorporating all these into our designs to create a truly personalised interior design for your house.

Our Origins

WEPS-interior is an interior design company in Malaysia which aspires to create homes that you cannot wait to come back to every day. Led by founder Henrick Ho who has dedicated over two decades to hone his craft, WEPS-interior aspires to create the ideal home you’ve always wanted. Our team of passionate interior designers are equipped with the experience and expertise needed to guide you on your home renovation journey. Every interior that we design is meant to give its occupants a convenient and comfortable living environment.

Get Inspired With Us!

We are ready to journey with you on your home renovation process. Feel free to request a nonobligatory quotation from us today!